The Sash Window Company is a London based company founded by Henry Coles in 2007.

Our team of highly trained carpenters and joiners work to provide you with expertly made, thermally efficient windows and doors.

We are passionate about our work and the level of service we provide.

Windows Made to Custom

We provide a complete Sash Window solution including design, manufacturing and installation.

All our windows are made to order in our South London Factory. This allows The Sash Window Company to provide a dedicated level of service unusual in the field as well as quick turnaround times.

About Henry Coles

As someone with a strong respect for the natural world, Henry has always had an interest in carpentry and woodwork.

Henry has qualifications in art and design, carpentry and joinery and 15 years experience working in carpentry and joinery in the United Kingdom.

Henry prides himself on his strong attention to detail and professional work ethic.

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